Informative Speech Working Outline

Informative Speech: Guideline Sheet

Prof. Blake, Speech 111

Kei-Landa Rembert

Section: M Group-Number: B

[email protected]

Informative Speech Outline

Topic: Music

Type of Speech: Concept

Strategy for Presenting Content: Description, Explanation

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about uses of music.

Thesis Statement: Music is powerful.


When it comes to music most of the time we have a passive opinion of it, not realizing the impact it has on us. We don’t always recognize how it speaks to us on a level beyond what we can see. For it is indeed very powerful. (**Music is the only thing that you move our body involuntarily to.)

1. Studies have shown that instrumental music can have an influential effect on us.

-Boston College’s findings on its influence on the development of a child.

-University of London: people perform tasks better in the presence of instrumental music more than vocal music; helps with relaxation, influence mood and actions.

- (provide examples of songs)

2. In a parallel view of music’s instrumental aspect I think the words we listen to have an equal effect on us.

-Quote from Pearl Stachan about words, “Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.”

-Where do these words come from? Matthew 12:34 “…out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

3. When we combine these two realms of instrumental music and the words from vocal music we can see how we are actually quite sensitive and moved by their touch.

-Study at Iowa University

-The way we seek that comforting sound of music as a friend.


Whether through words or instrumentally, music is powerful and communicates with us on an unseen level. It is for this reason why I for one am VERY careful with what I listen to and who the artist are because I believe that the heart does indeed speak and I want to be cautious of who I am allowing to speak to my heart. It may not seem that deep but think about it, something is causing you to move. There is a medium motivating you to dance, sing, play an instrument, write or even feel a certain way. That is deep!

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